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 harry potter fan-film.

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keaton snow

keaton snow

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PostSubject: harry potter fan-film.   Tue May 13, 2014 4:43 pm

The sad turtle productions Harry Potter fan-film, part 1.

Intro: A forest, it is spring. The sounds of heavy breathing and running can be heard, but we see no one yet. The footsteps abruptly stop, but the breathing is still heard. Then, from nowhere three figures, emerge from under a large cloak in the middle of a clearing, where they are clearly on the run from someone or something. Their names are Tristen, Keaton and Chloe.

Tristen- Are they still following us? (Sounding slightly afraid.)
Keaton- I don’t know, I can’t hear them if they are. (Not altogether reassured)
Chloe- Guys, shouldn’t we have our wands out in case they are still following us?
(They all took wands out of their jeans pockets.)
Keaton-Do you still have the stone? (Turning to face Tristen)
Tristen- Yeah. (He pulled a jagged blood red gemstone out of his pocket and passed it to Keaton, who held it reverently.) What are we going to do with it?
Keaton- we’ll return it to Dumbledore, as it was stolen from him.
Chloe-When do we meet him?
Keaton- Hopefully tomorrow. But I can’t be sure now. We need to keep moving, they might still be following us.
Tristen- Where to now bro?
Keaton- I dunno exactly where, but we need to go north, towards Hogsmeade.
Tristen- We have no towns in the U.S. where we can be fully open. That would be so cool.
Keaton- Okay, hurry up, you two. We have to leave, NOW. (Getting impatient.)
(Just then, four cloaked men stepped out of the woods into the clearing with their wands pointed at our three characters. Keaton quickly stuffed the stone into his pocket.)
Death eater 1- Where do you think you’re of to, eh? (Smirking)
Keaton- Do you expect us to tell you? You’re nothing but scum, to us.
Death Eater 2- Now, now. You don’t want to make him angry, do you?
Death eater 3- Yeah, he don’t like bein’ insulted.
Death eater 1- Enough you two. Now give us the stone and we’ll let you live.
Chloe- NEVER!!!! Expelliarmus!! (Trying to disarm Death eater 1, but missed.)
Death eater 1- CRUCIO!
Chloe-(falls to the ground and screams and writhes in horrible pain.)
Death eater 1- Now, will you give us the stone?
Tristen- No, don’t do it!!
Death eater 1- Ah such bravery. AVADA-
Keaton- STUPEFY!! (Stunning Death eater 1)
Death eater 2- Oi! You two, get them!!!
((They all fought, sending jets of multicoloured light at one-another. You see several killing curses, but all of them are blocked or dodged. This battle scene should last about 10 minutes. The death eaters are now on the ground, bound in ropes. Our three characters are sending an owls to the ministry, to pick the death eaters up.))
Keaton-So we’ve got four, nameless death eaters. What now?
Chloe- Do we wait for the aurors?
Tristen- Could they get us to Dumbledore faster?
Keaton- Yes I suppose so. So I guess we’ll wait here for the ministry.
(Two men dressed in ministry robes apparated into the clearing)

Auror 1- My name is Knout and this my partner Chaser, are these the death eaters you wrote about?
Keaton- Yes they are, they were following us.
Knout- Have you any idea why?
Keaton- Yeah. That thing that was stolen from Dumbledore, we’ve retrieved it, we were heading to meet him now. If you could help us get there that’d be great.
Chaser- Can any of you apparate?
Tristen- no. We all failed the test.
Chaser- Well I guess we’ll have to side along apparate.
Knout- I take it you’ve done side along apparition before?
Keaton- Yes.
Chaser- You two, (Pointing to Tristen and Keaton.) come with me.
Knout- And you, (pointing at Chloe) are coming with me.
(Keaton, Tristen, and Chaser lock arms and disappear with a loud crack. Knout and Chloe do the same with the death eaters bound in ropes.)
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PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Tue May 13, 2014 11:43 pm

Nice job Keaton I never expected something like this from you, I like the "no towns like this in the US" remark. But I think instead of a script or along with the script you should do a short story or even a multiple chapter fanbook

Keep it up Smile

"Its a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool" - the 11th doctor aka matt smith
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keaton snow

keaton snow

Posts : 70
Join date : 2014-05-13
Age : 20
Location : hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Wed May 14, 2014 9:37 am

Thanks Matt! I really do try to write SOME good things. lol I'll try to write some short stories with it.
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keaton snow

keaton snow

Posts : 70
Join date : 2014-05-13
Age : 20
Location : hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Thu May 15, 2014 9:32 am

The sad turtle productions Harry Potter fan-film, part 2.

Our characters from last time emerge out of thin air, in front of a dilapidated shack, knout raises his wand, the shack disappears and instead reveals a luxurious mansion, and Chloe gasps.)
Chloe- How did you-?
Knout-Oh, right. This is Dumbledore’s House, welcome. (Laughing)
Keaton- Enough, let’s go inside.
Chloe- (Muttering) Fun-hater.
((They walk up to golden gates with golden phoenixes on top, and they opened of their own accord. Before they reached the front doors Dumbledore came striding out onto the lawn looking unusually stern.))
Dumbledore- Do you have it?
((Tristen started to hand over the stone, but Keaton grabs his arm and pulls it back.)
Tristen- why’d you do that?!
Dumbledore- Because he is smart.
Keaton- (pointing his wand at Dumbledore.) Where did the fugitive, called Sirius Black hide from the aurors until he died?
Dumbledore- 12 Grimauld place in London.
Keaton- Okay, hand over the stone. (Looking at Tristen)
((Tristen hands the stone to Dumbledore, who smiles nicely and gives them each a large bag of gold.))
Tristen- we should go now.
((Chloe looks from Tristen to Keaton uncertainly, as if waiting for Keaton’s approval.))
Keaton- He is right, we should go, have a good day, sir.
Knout- why are you leaving so soon?
Dumbledore- Thomas, let them leave, they are committing no crime.
Knout- but-.
Dumbledore- Enough Tom.
((The three friends apparated into a wood and walked to the cave where they had lived for almost two years))
Tristen- why was he so reluctant to let us leave?
Keaton- I dunno, why were you so eager to go? (Eyeing him suspiciously)
Tristen- it was just the way Knout was looking at us. It was as if he thought we stole the stone in the hopes of a generous reward.
Chloe- I noticed it too.
Keaton- then thank you, mentioning- (Loud crack out side) did you hear that?
Tristen- I’ll check. (Looks outside.) Death eaters, with Knout at the foreground.
Keaton- I bet he’s under the imperious curse. We’ll fight, but not to kill, even if he is under the curse it’s still illegal to kill a ministry employee. Got it? (They nod, take out their wands, and walk outside.)
((another ten-minute battle scene the death eaters are unconscious, and Thomas Knout is bound in ropes.))

<To be continued.>

may the force be ever in your favour harry- gandalf from doctor who.
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keaton snow

keaton snow

Posts : 70
Join date : 2014-05-13
Age : 20
Location : hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Thu May 15, 2014 9:32 am

((Scene opens in the exact stop, where we left off in part 2))
Keaton- Chloe, send an owl to the ministry telling them we’ve got Knout, and that we’re bringing him there.
Chloe- Got it! (Runs into the cave)
Tristen- What about me?
Keaton- Do you want an important job?
Tristen- Of course.
Keaton- Then you’ll take my broom-
Tristen- You never let ANYONE ride your broom! (amazed)
Keaton- Listen. Take my broom and get Knout to ministry in London. Got it?
Tristen- yeah. (Runs off, and returns a few seconds later with a broomstick clutched in one hand. He picks up knout, mounts the broom and takes off into the sky as Chloe runs back outside.)
Chloe- Did he get Knout?
Keaton- Yes, he should be back within an hour.
Chloe (sighs)
((they are just walking around the cave trying to pass the time until Tristen gets back when Chloe speaks up.))
Chloe- Er- Keaton?
Keaton- Yes? What is it?
Chloe- Tristen forgot his wand.
Keaton-(gasping) It’s been almost four hours!
Chloe- Do you think-
Keaton- Please. Don’t – I don’t want to think about that. We have to find him. Send your patronus to the ministry to see if he’s there.
((Chloe goes into another room while Keaton is pacing nervously and impatiently. Two minutes later))
Chloe- They got our owl- He’s not been there Keaton.
Keaton- Oh god- His mum never liked him staying with us! (looking as if he about to cry.)
(( Chloe tries to comfort him but he waves her off.))
Keaton- He only wanted to see his mum on last time before we left, but I wouldn’t let him because it would have complicated things too much! HE NEVER EVEN GOT TO SAY GOODBYE!!!! (now completely hysterical in tears)
Chloe- He may not even be dead. (not altogether reassured.)
Keaton- Yes he is, I just know it! (icy tone)
Chloe- We still need to look for his er- (grimace) body.
((they left with nearly nothing, and searched for days with no avail. They stopped only to eat and sleep, on the sixth day, they had almost given up when they saw a clue of his whereabouts. The words HELP ME!! GOING NORTH. Were crudely carved on and elm tree, the same wood Tristen’s wand was made from. Along with words were what looked like wolf claw marks deep in the wood.))
Keaton- He’s been here!! (almost gleefully) And going north? There is nothing north of here except-
Chloe- What?
Keaton- Albania, the place Voldemort hid for nearly 12 years, why are they going there?
Chloe- Oh my god, they’re taking him straight to Voldemort!

may the force be ever in your favour harry- gandalf from doctor who.
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PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Wed May 21, 2014 9:01 pm

Do you put these up on youtube? Because it seems like something you could definitely do that with.
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keaton snow

keaton snow

Posts : 70
Join date : 2014-05-13
Age : 20
Location : hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   Fri May 23, 2014 2:03 pm

I definitely am thinking about it. I just need a few more actors. Smile

may the force be ever in your favour harry- gandalf from doctor who.
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PostSubject: Re: harry potter fan-film.   

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harry potter fan-film.
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