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 nick and eliza

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keaton snow

keaton snow

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PostSubject: nick and eliza   Tue May 13, 2014 4:34 pm

Chapter one
Christmas day

It was Christmas day in a small village called Godric’s Hollow; there was a thick blanket of snow covering the village, children were playing out in the snow with their new bits and bobs that they had received that morning. It seemed like a perfectly normal village in southern England, but on the very edge of town lived a small family called the Bagshots, and it is with them that our story takes place.
   Michael and Alice Bagshot were standing in their small cottage watching their young son Nicholas zoom around on his toy broomstick, bumping into cabinets, furniture and occasionally Michael’ leg. Michael let out a small curse earning him a “Michael!” from Alice. Then at nearly three in the morning, Alice picked up Nicholas and took him to bed much to his displeasure. “It’s okay baby boy.” She cooed. “There’ll be sweet dreams tonight.” In a little over five minutes Nicholas had fallen asleep and Alice went into the sitting room and sat on Michael’ lap on the sofa. “Finally, we’re alone at last.” She whispers in his ear and kissed him, a deed, which he returns. “Yes, and now I’ve got you all to myself.” Michael laughed and kissed her again. They talked happily till almost five I
n the morning. “Let’s get to bed my love.” Yawns Michael “I’m really tired.” “Oh, all right you lazy bugger, let’s get to bed.” Alice laughs.
Chapter two
Birthday wishes

Nicholas woke up on his seventeenth birthday to a tawny owl pecking at his bedroom window holding an official looking letter, which Nicholas then removed from the owl’s clutches. “Mum, Dad! It’s here, my last Hogwarts letter’s arrived.” He called and his mother came in the room and pinched his cheek harder than he would’ve liked. “My baby boy is all grown up.” She cooed. “Mum get off, I’m not a baby.” He groaned. “Well you’re my baby always so get used to it.” She smiled. Then Michael walked in the room. “Get dressed; Holt and Rory will arrive soon.” He said. “How will they be arriving, dear?” Alice asked. “Floo powder.” He answered simply. Seeing that it had turned into a conversation without him in it, he dressed and went for a stroll in the woods near the village. He always liked coming to these woods to admire the colourful meadows, and lush greenlife. He also liked to see the varying assortment of wildlife in the woods. After a few minute wandering around he heard a voice behind him. “Guess who.” He turned to see the muggle girl who he was quite fond of, and who was also his best friend. “Good morning Eliza.” He smiled. She walked up to him and hugged him, which was something she had never done before though Nicholas often wished she would. He returned the hug gratefully. She then surprised him by starting to cry. “What’s the matter Eliza?” he asked “I just don’t want you to go!” she almost yelled still crying. “Eliza, we’ve through this, I have to go, I’m a wizard and I need training.” He told her. “I know, I’m sorry, Nicholas.” She said hugging him tighter and kissing him, a deed which Nicholas immediately returned. “I love you Eliza, I always will. I promise that I’ll write you every day.” He consoled. “Do you mean it?” she said sniffling. “I do. But for now, do you want come to my birthday party?” he asked. “But… your parents, I don’t think they’ll like me. I’m not a wizard, Nicholas.” She said sadly. “Don’t worry, my dad works for non-wizard rights.” Said Nicholas. She then smiled a bit at that and hugged him tightly. “Then let’s go.” She laughed. So Nicholas took her hand and led her out of the woods and to his house.
   Michael was starting to get very annoyed that Nicholas wasn’t home yet, Holt and Rick had arrived nearly half an hour ago, and Michael was about to just send them off but then Nicholas opened the door with some muggle girl Michael had never seen before. Michael jumped up from his seat. “Where have you been, your mother has been worried sick!” he snapped. “Well I’m sorry Dad but it is MY birthday and I want to spend it with my girlfriend, everyone this is Eliza.” He said before taking her hand and starting for the door, which Michael then locked by magic. “I’m sorry, son, I shouldn’t have yelled.” He said. After that the party went on and everyone was having fun, and as it turned out they loved Eliza. Then at nearly two in the morning, when only the Bagshots and Eliza remained, Nicholas and Eliza, went to Nicholas’s room. Eliza sat on Nicholas’s bed and pulled him to her “Well that was fun.” She whispered in his ear. “Only because you’re here.” He whispered back and kissed her. They were kissing when Alice walked in and they stopped abruptly. “Eliza, I want you out. Now!” Alice snapped loudly. “I’m sorry Nicholas.” Eliza said sadly. “It’s not your fault, Eliza.” Said Nicholas before kissing her again and glaring at his mother coldly. “Nicholas.” Alice started. “Don’t speak to me!” Nicholas growled then stormed out into the night after Eliza.
   Eliza felt very embarrassed after being caught snogging Nicholas by his mother. She thought that his mother wouldn’t allow them to speak anymore, and she definitely didn’t want that to happen so she would wait outside Nicholas’s house until morning when she could see him. Then to her surprise he ran outside toward the woods in which they spent so much time together. She then ran after him. “Nicholas!” she called and when he turned around she ran to him and hugged him tightly. “I love you Nicholas.” She cried. “Listen, Eliza, I want to run away, will you come with me?” He asked. “Yes! Yes!” she cried then noticed a trunk and a broomstick near his feet. “Nicholas why do you have a broom?” she asked. “It’s a broomstick, it flies. That’s how we’re leaving.” He said and her eyes went wide. “I’ve only dreamed of flying!” she said amazed. Nicholas then harnessed the trunk to the broomstick, they got on and they were off. It was the amazing thing Eliza had ever done, and it was with her boyfriend, a wizard. “Nicholas where are we going?” she yelled over the wind. “My godfather’s house in London.” He yelled back. Who is your godfather? She asked. “Holt, you met him today, remember. He won’t tell my parents, he’ll let us stay for a while.” Nicholas said. “Are you sure?” Eliza asks. “Mostly.” Nicholas said though uncertainly. “Okay, but let’s hurry its cold.” She said pulling him closer. “I’m trying but it’s got two people and a heavy trunk. But if you have any money we can stop somewhere for the night.” He said. “I’ve got loads of from Christmas.” She said sounding excited. “Well there’s oxford, we can stop here.” He said and started toward the ground. Soon they found a still open inn, where Eliza made the transaction because Nicholas was no good with non-wizard money. When they settled in their room Nicholas kissed her again. “I love you, Eliza.” He said softly. “I’m so happy we’re alone again.” She whispered. Nicholas sat on the bed and she sat beside him. “It’s almost five in the morning, we’ve been flying for hours, let’s go to bed.” Nicholas said suddenly sounding tired. So they decided to go to bed and they would continue flying in the morning. Eliza snuggled up next to Nicholas. “If only your mum would see us now.” She laughed softly. “Then I’d probably be dead.” He said seriously then turned to face her and pulled her closer and fell asleep almost instantly. “Good night my love.” She whispered and fell asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: nick and eliza   Tue May 13, 2014 11:54 pm

Awesome story but separate chapters are supposed to be in separate posts and both of the chapters are to short so this probably needs to be changed and the first chapter expanded upon or moved to the short story section

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PostSubject: Re: nick and eliza   Wed May 14, 2014 7:31 am

It would be okay if you just made chapter one an introduction.

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PostSubject: Re: nick and eliza   

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nick and eliza
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